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SATSUBJECTPREP.com: SAT II Chemistry Subject Test

The SAT IIChemistry Subject testis a one-hour multiple choice test administered by The College Board. The overall objective of the test is to assess if you have a mastery of the curriculum of a typical high school one-year introductory chemistry course. You need to have a good understanding of the principles and concepts of introductory chemistry to obtain a high score on this subject test.

The chemistry test consists of 85 multiple choice questions and you are given 1 hour to complete it. Here is an approximate distribution of the questions: Structure of matter ~ 25%; State of matter ~ 15%; Reaction types ~ 14%; Stoichiometry ~ 12%, Equilibrium and reaction rates ~ 7%; Thermodynamics ~ 6%; Descriptive chemistry ~ 13% while laboratory knowledge is about 8%. Here is another statistical information you may find interesting. About 45% of the 85% questions will test your ability to apply chemistry knowledge. On the other hand, about 35% of the questions will test your ability to synthesize new knowledge from the information you are given. Only about 20% of the questions will be based on your ability to recall specific facts such as definitions, laws, core concepts and principles. This is why relying on memorization or cramming alone will not earn you respectable scores on Sat II chemistry’s day of reckoning.

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