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SATSUBJECTPREP.com: Frequently Asked Questions


What does SATSUBJECTPREP.com offer?

Till how long is the course enrollment valid?

Which assessment tests do you offer on this site?

What can I expect by enrolling in a course? Do you teach courses?

How exactly do I enroll in a course after registration?


How much does the service cost? Are there any additional charges?

Is there a sitewide pricing or a pricing per course?

What are the payment modes?

Why should I register on SATSUBJECTPREP.com?

How soon after registering on site can I enroll in a course?

What is the NCES School ID that is asked in the registration form?

Technical Issues

We pride ourselves on our support turnaround time. Please send an email to support [at] satsubjectprep [dot] com if you have any questions or technical difficulties. You can also refer to our contact page and call us.

SATSUBJECTPREP.com offers comprehensive preparation for SAT subject tests and related assessments for school children. Our approach is to improve student competency through several simulated practice tests. Each course in which candidates enroll is a collection of multiple tests in a similar format of the real test. Such practice tests enable better knowledge retention, foster inner confidence and build faster speed.

Each course generally has a specified validity period during which the candidate may take the course tests. Such tests can be taken repeatedly.

SATSUBJECTPREP.com is currently rolling out various subject prep tests, each classified into sub-categories recognized by SAT College Board.We plan to cover all the STEM subjects plus World History and Spanish. In addition, there are certain free courses available that students can access upon registration, such as MCAS tests for middle schools.

By enrolling in our tests, you get access to full-length genuine PE practice tests. All our questions are prepared by educators, scientists and technologists with longstanding experience in teaching and a background in academic excellence.

After you register and obtain the confirmation email, click on the link in the email to complete registration. Then you can sign in using your login id and password. You should see a link for the free practice tests course as well as a link for "All Courses". In the all courses page, you should choose the appropriate subject course, and you will be taken to a signup page. You can pay for the course (onetime fee) using Paypal or any credit card, at which point you will be registered in the course. You can enter the course and start taking the tests immediately.

Each course may have a different fee which will be clearly mentioned at the point of enrollment. Certain practice courses may be free.

All pricing currently is for each course basis.

SATSUBJECTPREP.com accepts payments via Paypal, which supports not just paypal accounts but also standard credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If you don't have a paypal account, please pay by credit card. You can also pay by CC even if you have paypal. Note that you will have a charge by Paypal on your credit card statement from Acadia Edge Group, the owner of SATSUBJECTPREP.com

Nopaypal account? no problem use credit card

Registration (free) is a required step for enrolling into a course. Even if you don't enroll into a course, registration helps to gain access to the FREE sample courses and keeps users connected on future notifications, such as when there are updates to subject requirements.

Soon after registration, you should receive a confirmation email. This contains a link which you must click to complete your registration. After that, you can login and enroll in a course or take the free practice test.

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) School I can be obtained from the following website:


Enter your school name and location, and you should find the school link. Upon clicking it, you will see the full school detail with the NCES School ID as a 12 digit number. Cut and paste the ID into the appropriate registration screen. This helps to ensure that your school is properly registered with us so that your progress and other statistical information both intra- and inter-school can be provided.

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