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SATSUBJECTPREP was founded in 2009 by a group of professional engineers and academicians with the goal of assisting school age students develop better study skills for competitive exams. Our staff brings more than 50 years of science, technology and literature teaching experience.

The US president has issued a mandate for the the country to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by 2016 to regain its position as a world leader in technical education. The SAT Subject Test Scores are an early measure of a students proficiency in these subjects.

Timed assessments such as in SAT, AP, MCAS etc are long and requires lots of practice and endurance for young students to do well. It is a test of both knowledge as well as tenacity and accuracy. Every subject area has unique sub-categories where expertise will be tested.

Our approach is to strengthen your test taking skills early in school life. We provide a number of practice tests, each of which can be taken as a timed test to build speed and efficiency. With every module covered, you become better prepared for the final exam. You should retake the tests again after you have studied and feel more confident regarding the subject matter and problem calculations.

We suggest starting to work on the modules at the same time you learn the subject in school or right after you complete it. In this way, the matter is fresh in your mind, and will also help in improving school grades. Improvement through continual and progressive assessment is our approach to building lasting knowledge and confidence.

SATSUBJECTPREP.com is owned and operated by Boston Based Acadia Edge Group, which is a provider of several online learning programs, such as for Green Building Education (www.greenexcelinc.com), Fundamentals of Engineering (EIT) and Professional Engineer (PE) certification guides (www.eitpeprep.com).

To learn more about our products or services, please write to support AT satsubjectprep DOT com

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